9 sept. 2012

Voicetag : Southafrican Electronic Tongue Jazz On Afrihooop

Mazimba by voicetag

Described as “electronic tongue jazz” by its members, Voicetag is a band of immense talent, imagination and passion. Fuzzy Slipperz, JakobSnake, and Plaigarhythm create a musical wilderness bustlingwith listener friendly rap and dancefloor bumpers alike.

The Voicetag material is a well meshed tapestry of spoken word and electronic beats, peppered perfectly with vocal percussion and doo-wop style live vocal samples.

Augmented by the visual fantasy world of Fuzzy Slippers, the Voicetag shows are a journey of the senses, an idea invoking take on the current state of being. The paramount idea of community prevails in every release, working with world renowned producers such as Richard the Third and Audiophile021 and dance-floor juggernaut Disko Izrael from P.H.Fat on production to name a few.

Having been tipped as one of the freshest up and coming sounds in South Africa today, Voicetag have lent their sounds to many a line-up, and are set to take on the world with their incredibly high-energy live shows full of body shaking and brain teasing.

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