30 nov. 2012

Ben Sharpa & Pure Solid Feature On JFX Bits #5 By Jarring Effects On Free Download

After releasing and touring their ‘4th Density Light Show‘ (4DLS) project, Ben Sharpa and Pure Solid once again collaborate on an electro-bass hip hop track featuring Ben’s sister, Tebz, which has come out today on JFX Bits #5.
French independent label, Jarring Effects, have been putting out their ‘JFX Bits’ compilations for 5 years now. They feature a wide array of hip hop, dubstep and electronic productions by some of their favourite artists. Available as an exclusively digital download, the ‘Bits’ concept was brought about to help uncover and expose artists whose work often goes under the mainstream radar and therefore doesn’t get the attention it deserves.
JFX Bits is always free to download, but that is not a reflection of the quality of the music, or the work that has gone into it. 30 artists, 2 art directors, a graphic designer and a sound engineer worked for several months to realise this project.
You are welcome to download the project for free, or you can make a donation if you wish. You can also increase your involvement by sharing the download link with your network of friends and family.

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