1 nov. 2012

MUSICOLOGY - Africa Edition w/ BBRAVE (Akwaaba Music)

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  • Musicology is back with a special edition on contemporary, funky music from Africa!!

    We are proud to present to you our very special guest and ambassador of African dance music BBRAVE, local radio royalties on Urgent.fm and connaisseurs of tropical and worldmusic THE RUDIES and Musicology resident FONKEE MONK, who will focus on the African influences in funky music worldwide. Africa is the future!

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    ▲▲▲ BBRAVE ▲▲▲

    Azonto - Afrobeats - Afrohouse - Kuduro - Coupé Décalé - Soukous - Tropical

    BBRAVE is an ambassador of club music made in Africa. His roots are in Paris and Los Angeles, but his heart lays somewhere between Angola and Ghana. BBRAVE's relentless quest for sounds from Africa drive his eclectic, often times unpredictable sets. He has been sharing this African heat for years now, taking his blend of Akwaaba music to countless clubs and events all over the world.

    He is the founder and owner of Akwaaba Music. Established in 2008, the label is an outlet for BBRAVE's endless passion for African music. Lebrave has been working with over 70 recording artists from 15 African nations, and has been growing a global network spanning content production, digital distribution, marketing and licensing. Today Akwaaba Music is recognized by its peers as a much needed, forward-thinking window onto Africa.

    As a DJ, BBRAVE focuses on the dancefloor side of things, mashing together the staggering variety of dance music genres made in Africa, from kuduro to coupé décalé, kwaito and kwassa house to hiplife, gbema or soukous.

    BBRAVE also keeps an open ear to other strains of tropical beats, constantly bridging the gap between Africa, the Americas and Europe, combining his own array of beats into an infectiously potent musical stew.

    Following in the footsteps of vinyl-era crate-digging DJs, BBRAVE spins tracks that have yet to hit the blogs. Collecting CD-Rs and demos from across Africa, he makes sure to leave everyone drooling for his fresh sounds, and sweating to his contagious beats. Song after song, BBRAVE rides the thin line between authentic and accessible, always pushing the sonic boundaries at the clubs and events he plays at.

    Some of the places BBRAVE has played recently are: Munich, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Delhi, Brazil, ...


    ▲▲▲ THE RUDIES ▲▲▲

    Radio Taxi Soundsystem aka The Rudies are deejays Maarten Dreezen and Jan Hoozee and have been djing under that name for almost 20 years now. Rude in the way they are, they live and in the way they cut the music, but loving in the way they select the music and like their friends.

    The Rudies started as techno and disco dj's back in the days but soon included funk, reggae, hiphop, electro and rock in their sets. Since then they have been exploring every dancemusic on the globe. Since 5 years they have been making the worldmusicprogram Radio Taxi on Urgent.fm together with host Sarita. It opened further possibilities in including worldmusic in their dj-sets. The last years they have been busy playing worldmusic parties everywhere in the country.


    ▲▲▲ FONKEE MONK ▲▲▲

    Fonkee Monk started deejaying in 1996 simply because of his love for music. Selecting the right tunes for the right crowd at the right time is what he does best. He can make any type of music fit in the context of any party. Tonight he will focus on raw funk and soul, afrobeat, caribbean riddims, tropical beats and crossover sounds!


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