30 nov. 2012

South African Dope Productions : Wayne Lee Robertson A.k.a Hipe On Afrihooop

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BeatMaker, Slice & Chop that Raw Hip Hop. Amateur iPhotographer @hiperdelic ----> Twitter. Instagram-----> hiperdelic
Cape Town born Wayne Lee Robertson is infamous for his classic
sample-based boom bap style and impeccable sense of composition.
Having started in 1995 he is fast becoming the go-to producer after
having worked with South Africa’s heavy hitters namely: Driemanskap,
Rattex, Ben Sharpa, Jaak, Imbube, Zubz, Young Nations, Proverb, Nemza,
Malik G and Tumi. Internationally artists such as John Robinson (US),
Mode9 (Nigeria) and Euphon (US) have had classic productions from him.
His skills have seen him provide the backdrop to TV documentaries
and adverts with Godessa, Cellblock and the late Mr. Fat of Brasse
Vannie Kaap and the late great Mr. Devious. With Hype magazine
nominating him for best producer at their 2009 awards and Pioneer Unit
making him their in-house producer in that same year Hipe is
definitely the perfect beatsmith to prepare the canvas for you to
paint your masterpiece on.


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