3 nov. 2012

We will get the revolution televised : Project Okoa Hiphop (Kenya)

Dear Kisima Awards Committee Members :

We know that you are well since you decided to get all wiered with you awards.
On to the point... there is a major difference between hiphop and genge... how the hell is the self acclaimed Godfather of Genge a HIPHOP award winner??? Do you people even know what hiphop is in the first place?? Did you do your research before renaming Genge as Hiphop (no ofens)?

You slogan says "Making Legends" Funny!!

We have Hiphop legends in the hiphop industry and also new artists who are awesomely good at what they do and you just decided to pick the Godfather of GENGE! We as a family we are offended by this... But that is you we do not blame you for it but please next time do your research properly...GIVE TO CAESAR WHAT BELONGS TO CAESAR.

And just to help you out Google more on Kenyan hiphop. na hii ni uchokozi hatupendi.

We just thought you should know and by the way.. we dont need your help..we will get the revolution televised just dont mix up your awards next time..... no wonder those other guys dropped out.

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