27 dic. 2012

Mr. Moods and Erik Jackson - Sur la route du Jazz On Afrihooop

Dirty, Dusty, Jazzy, Soulful breaks. Enjoy.
This is a collaboration of live instruments and sampled sound; 

MPC, Guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone, Upright Bass, and a Jazz drum kit.


released 08 September 2012
Christian Denis
Erik Jackson
Skip Warren



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À propos

I am a beatmaker exploring lots of territories, always play with good or bad feelings at the same time, the moods are the building material for my songs.You never know what am i cooking.
My name is Christian Denis and i'm from Canada. I make electronic music for a couple of years, building it with samples taken from old tracks in any kind of styles and added my own melodies and beats over them. Sampling is an art i compare it to a painting, with full of colours and textures. For me the music is a powerful medium to let go your emotions. If you carefully listen to my music you will know me...
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